How to Choose your Beach Hat for Summer?

The beach hat is one of the essential accessories when enjoying the seaside. Not only does it protect against the sun, but it also finalizes your look and imposes your style! Bob, cap, or straw hat? There are many models, and finding the perfect beach hat is not that easy. Selecting its shape, style, material, and color must also be done according to the morphology of your face and your silhouette. It would be a shame to make a “fashion faux pas,” wouldn’t it? We explain everything you need to know to choose the perfect beach hat.

Beach hat

Choosing a beach hat

There are a host of different models of beach hats: large, colorful, flexible, vintage, straw, cotton, with a visor, etc. To make the best choice, different criteria must be taken into account.

Beach hats are usually made of straw or canvas. When woven in straw or raffia, the beach Hat is very resistant to saltwater and sand, making it a star of the seaside. Practical and stylish, the straw hat is very trendy. A fabric beach hat, however, has the advantage of being foldable and easy to carry in a bag, and easy to clean in the washing machine. The mesh hat is also making a comeback for a bohemian style. Be careful, however, to choose an anti-UV beach hat. Do not forget that the interest of a beach Hat is also to protect your face and hair from the sun!

Hats are distinguished first of all by their shape, which gives them a very precise name. The two aspects that differentiate them are the width of their brim and the height of their crown (the central part of the hat). Most models are mixed. However, some are hats for women, like the floppy hat, for example, with its wide romantic curvaceous brim to protect yourself from the sun.

Everyone knows the bob hat, for example, with a high crown and narrow brim. The cloche hat is also distinguished by its very particular rounded shape, while the boater has an angular shape. The cap has a practical aspect of sun protection on the face with its visor of varying length. The Panama hat has invaded the beaches and remains very trendy, just like the fedora and the trilby, which differ in the width of their edges. You can also dare the cowboy hat on a beach if your style can match! After all, the beach is a space of freedom where we want to go beyond our usual! However, some hats are not very summery and are more suitable for protecting against the cold. This is the case with the bowler hat, beret, or felt fedora, for example.

As you can see, the shapes are multiple. Overall, you will have to choose between round or square shapes, wide or narrow edges, and a higher or lower crown.

The sun hat is a must-have to complete your look on the beach. Each hat model imposes a style. The hat is a strong piece in a look, and it is better to match it with rather discreet jewelry. You will put it better in value! Sunglasses are nevertheless an essential accessory that is a wonderful complement to a beach hat. For example, a hat with large sunglasses will make you look deliciously glamorous.

Before setting your sights on a pretty headgear, be aware of the style it exudes. Thus, a capeline will give you a rather chic and feminine air while a bob or a cap gives off a more sportswear and relaxed style. A trilby will give a cool trend. The style of a Panama hat or a boater will depend a lot on its accessories: with a chic ribbon, romantic flowers, creative ornaments. The possibilities are numerous.

Adopt the ideal beach hat according to the morphology of the face

It isn’t enough to love a pretty hat to make it look the best on you! Obviously, the crush is essential, but a hat must absolutely suit the morphology of your face and your silhouette. There is no “hatchet”! However, there are a few rules to follow in choosing the one that suits you best. Here are some tips on the criteria to take into account for a perfect match.

For a long face

If you have a long face, make up for it with a wide-brimmed hat. The idea is to wear a hat that hides the forehead in order to minimize the length of the face. You can dare a cap with a large visor by wearing it in a stylish way by tilting it slightly to the side.

For a square face

When you have a square face, it is better to bet on round shapes to soften the features: a trilby or a cloche hat, for example. A capeline hat will also be a great alternative to feminize the face and round out its features.

For an oval face

An oval face is easy to coordinate with a hat. The choice is not complicated: almost all hats fit such a face. You can choose a capeline hat just like a Panama or a cowboy hat without making any mistakes. You can dare original shapes as long as you wear a hat that fits your head size. Some models are one size. Others must be tried. To find your height, use a tape measure and measure your head circumference 1 cm above the eyebrows and ears. This will give your beach hat a snug fit without hiding your face.

For a round face

Conversely, a round face can advantageously be structured thanks to a rather angular hat and with rather wide edges, like a traveler, for example. Avoid the curves of a capeline or a cloche hat.

You have surely understood it, and a hat must contrast the specificities of your face. It can be a precious ally to fill a few small complexes. A hat attracts the eye and allows you to forget a big nose or overly large ears, for example. The main goal is to feel good on the beach. Also, don’t forget that your hairstyle is important when wearing a hat. We also give you some tips for styling your hair at the beach.

A beautiful beach hat is an essential fashion accessory at the beach: it avoids sunstroke by protecting you from the sun’s rays and finalizes your summer look by the sea. A beach Hat is both useful and fun. Thanks to our tips, you are now ready to adopt the ideal hat that will suit your morphology and give style to your silhouette!