Summer special… How to wash beach towels the right way

During the summer, we give a lot of used to beach towels, even for a day at the pool, either our own or those of the hotel where we are going to spend a few days of rest and vacations and that after this intensive use it is important that we dedicate the care they need to be in perfect condition the next time we are going to use it, or whoever it is, that is why it is important to follow some cleaning tips to achieve this.

How to wash beach towels

Shall we start?

Shake it off before anything else.

After a day at the beach or at the pool, when it is time to go home, it is important that we first shake the towel so that we remove as much as possible sand, grass or whatever. It is likely that if they are wet we cannot get rid of the remains well, so we recommend that when you get home you put them to dry and once they are dry, repeat the operation. Do it before you put them to wash in the washing machine if you really want no remains.

Things to keep in mind for washing beach towels in the washing machine.

Once shaken and dry, put them in the washing machine but before doing, so we must see if it has any type of stain that may be more difficult to clean. If so, they will need to be treated before putting them in the washing machine with a stain remover. Remember, for stain removers to be more effective you must know the origin of the stain (if it is a stain of bronzer, or of fruit, etc.)

Or if you prefer, you can also opt for a pre-wash stain remover treatment.

Once the stain has been treated, we can put the beach towels in the washing machine preferably in cold water, with this we will ensure that it is in good condition for longer.

If the towel is colored, use a detergent for colored clothes in adequate quantity (adding more does not offer better results) to enhance the colors since with the washes they lose strength and use a little softener but without going overboard. It is best to put a washing machine only for towels.

After washing the beach towels.

Well, it’s time to dry them without waiting long. Remember to do it in a place that does not take too long to dry, place them upside down and if possible avoiding the sun, as this can make the color lose its strength. But if what you choose is to use a dryer, just remember to select the cotton program. And ready! Perfect towels for next time. Did you do it like that?